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Aluminium labels

Thanks to our latest technology we are able to produce aluminium labels, when every piece is original. We print technical labels for machines and equipment with all the data you require. Even with such labels the price is significantly lower than our competition! Contact us and convince yourself!

Options of aluminium labels:

• Screen printing + protection coating layer
• UV digital printing + protection coating layer
• Etching
• Etching + colouration

Types of aluminium sheets:

• Brushed metal sheet
• Varnished metal sheet - comaxit in various colours
• Anodized metal sheet

Sorting according the material thickness:

• 0,5mm (the most commonly used)
• 1,0mm

Final label look – etching can be done:

• Glossy font and the rest of the surface matte - etched
• Etched font and the rest of the surface glossy
• Combination of glossy and matte surfaces

In case you would like to advise with the graphic design, we are ready to help! We would be glad to advise you how to achieve the efficiency as well as beautiful look of your labels. Everything will be ready according to your requirements and after your agreement we will start the production. Sample pieces can be made in very short delivery dates.