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Brass labels

Luxurious corporate brass labels – into jeweller´s, shop windows, company presentations, information systems, office doors etc. The surface of brass plates can be protected with the layer of special varnish, which gives labels the appearance of plasticity and protects them from corrosion. Technology – screen printing, etching and engraving. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Brass label options:

• printing (screen printing, UV digital printing)
• printing + coating
• engraving

We offer brass metal sheets in following options
and thicknesses (0,5 – 2 mm):

• glossy
• brushed

Final label look:

Brass is beautiful material with very demanding way of protecting its glossy surface. One way how to protect the glossy surface in a high quality is to varnish the whole surface with a special varnish layer. Hereby gets the label its plasticity. 

In case you would like to advise with the graphic design, we are ready to help! We would be glad to advise you how to achieve the efficiency as well as beautiful look of your labels. Everything will be ready according to your requirements and after your agreement we will start the production. Sample pieces can be done in very short delivery dates.