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Polycarbonate labels

We produce polycarbonate labels in various shapes. We are able to produce the full-colour transitions too. The advantage of these labels is that the mirror image is printed from the reverse side on polycarbonate foil and finally is overprinted with the desired colour. After that the printing is protected from the labels´ front side from the abrasion and the effect of external impacts.

The labels are very resistant. Thus printed labels can be protected from the reverse side with self-adhesive layer – then the self-adhesive label can be placed onto desired place. We produce for you consoles, various labels, business cards, floor advertisement etc. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Thicknesses of polycarbonate foil:

• 0,175 mm
• 0,250 mm (the most commonly used)
• 0,375 mm

Types of used polycarbonate foils:

• matte (the most commonly used) – durable option
• glossy

In case you would like to advise with the graphic design, we are ready to help! We would be glad to advise you how to achieve the efficiency as well as beautiful look of your labels. Everything will be ready according to your requirements and after your agreement we will start the production. Sample pieces can be done in very short delivery dates.