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Self-adhesive labels, etiquettes, special self-adhesive labels for windscreens, sealing safety self-adhesive labels

• We offer various materials of self-adhesive labels: PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, etc.

• According to your requirement we deliver the most
   appropriate type of self-adhesive label for interior
   and exterior: 2-year, 5-year and 12-year-old

• According to customers requirements it is possible
   to choose among various levels of adhesiveness
   – from less adhesive, over medium adhesive to
   labels with extra adhesiveness.

• Our advantage is the ability to print with white
   colour or white background print and this is the
   way we are able to satisfy demanding customers´

• We are not limited with the number of chosen colours.

• We are able to print full-colour transitions.

• We print mirror image on transparent self-adhesive label – perfect for plastering the windscreens

• In case you would like to advise with the graphic design, we are ready to help! Everything will be ready according to your requirements and after your agreement we will start the production. Sample pieces can be done in very short delivery dates.