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Polyester labels and cards – extremely durable solution

Full-colour UV printing is applied on a polyester foil, which is a lot more durable solution than polycarbonate foils. Final look of the printing is in a photo quality. We are able to produce labels starting from 1 piece.

Each label can be personalized; each can have its registration number, barcode, chip. The most commonly used format is 85 x 54 x 0,6 mm – the size of a credit card.

Thicknesses of polyester foil:

• 0,120 mm
• 0,200 mm (the most commonly used)
• other thicknesses per order

Final look:

• glossy - photographic

Rounded edges:

• any, as needed

In case you would like to advise with the graphic design, we are ready to help! We would be glad to advise you how to achieve the efficiency as well as beautiful look of your labels. Everything will be ready according to your requirements and after your agreement we will start the production. Sample pieces can be done in very short delivery dates.